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Collectible Dog Figurines for Dog Lovers

If you're a dog lover, you know how your four-legged companion always greets you with unconditional love, and seems to understand your moods and feelings by pure instinct. Your beloved pup would do anything to please you, and asks for nothing more in return than a little scratch behind the ears, a comfy place to sleep, a tasty snack or a brisk walk in the park.

For all true dog lovers, The Hamilton Collection Online has a wonderful selection of adorable, collectible dog figurines that are hard to resist because they're lifelike and artistic portraits of the dogs we love. Whatever your favorite dog breed might be, you'll probably find just the right sculpted image of that breed to remind you of your own beloved dog. Our dog lover figurines, feature pups from several breeds such as Yorkies and Dachshunds, and they're hand-sculpted and hand-painted with great attention to detail. You'll be amazed at the likeness of these collectible dog figurines to the real thing, right down to the shining eyes and adorable natural poses. Browse our selection of collectible dog figurines and feel your heart melt!

Discover a Delightful Dachshund Figurine to Win Your Heart

We have an impressive array of puppy collectibles, which includes Yorkies, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and more, posed in the most appealing and clever ways. Can you imagine a Dachshund puppy tucked into a teacup? We have it, and much more! Choose a Dachshund figurine and be reminded of why you love the breed, with its signature floppy ears, extended body and alert intelligence. If you're a lover of Yorkies, you'll be delighted with our collection of Yorkie figurines that showcase this lovable little breed in a way that will win your heart. Best of all, these breed-specific dog figurines are exclusive creations you just won't find anywhere else, so get ready to succumb to "puppy love" right now!

Heartwarming Yorkie Figurines Earn the Title "Best Dressed"

Do you spoil your dog? And sometimes, even dress her up? If you do, we understand, and we have just the figurines to celebrate the true "doggie divas" everywhere. These adorable dog figurines are lavished in much more than fancy collars; they wear fancy hats with feathers, "jewels," and even "pearls"! Even if your own dog is an adorable scruffy mixed-breed who will barely wear a bandanna, you can't help but smile at the antics of these four-legged fashionistas!

Each collectible dog figurine you'll find on our site is expertly sculpted and handcrafted with care to "breathe life" into each image of a four-legged friend. But be warned, because once you start to shop you'll find it hard to resist the loving expressions and lifelike poses of our exclusive canine collectible treasures. Shop Now!

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